Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers

Omni-directional Party Sound

Fill your venue with Omni-directional Party Sound

Omni-directional Party Sound carries powerful sound to every corner of the room. Five tweeters deliver clear sound to both the front and rear of the speaker. Plus, it’s all backed up with punchy bass you can feel, thanks to dual X-Balanced Speaker Units. This rich sound experience can be enjoyed wherever you like with the XV800’s longer battery life, and built-in handle and wheels.
Image of four people in a living room dancing around the SRS-XV800 speaker with red ambient lighting
Image of the SRS-XV800 Speaker with orange and pink ambient lighting and various sound waves on a blue gradient background
 Four people sit on a roof top with a city skyline in the background around an SRS-XV800 speaker with purple ambient lighting
Close up image of the Sony X-Balanced Speaker Unit in an SRS-XV800 speaker

Powerful sound with X-Balanced Speaker Unit

Our X-Balanced Speaker Unit features an almost rectangular diaphragm, for an increased surface area compared to conventional speaker units. The 170 mm x 170 mm large woofer unit gives clear and deep bass sound.
Image comparing a non-circular diaphragm to a circular one, showing that the former is wider by a larger double ended arrow

A richer, clearer, deeper experience

The non-circular diaphragm not only maximises the area of speaker diaphragm, but it also increases sound pressure for deeper and punchier bass, less distortion and greater vocal clarity. For a richer, clearer, and more rewarding listening experience.

High quality sound from
every angle

The design of the X-Balanced Speaker Unit produces deep, powerful bass and vocal clarity, even when you turn up the volume. Five tweeter units01 in the front and rear deliver clear high-frequency sound all around.
Image of the SRS-XV800 speaker with half of the grille removed, exposing the internal speakers
Image of a live music concert with multiple people clapping and blue and green lighthing


Perfect for live music, the XV800 lets you relive your favourite sound experiences.
Image of the words MEGA BASS

Give your bass a boost

Give your bass game a boost and listen to your favourite tracks with the power they deserve.
Image of a full battery icon with the text 25hrs next to it

The party never stops

With a 25 hour battery life, the XV800 will keep the party powered all night.
Image of a battery icon with a lightning bolt symbol on it and 10min text above an equals sign and a play icon with 3hrs text

Get the party started in just 10 minutes

With the XV800’s quick charging, you can get 3 hours of playing time with just 10 minutes of charging.
Icon image of two hands surrounding a battery with a lightning bolt symbol on it

Take care of your battery

With the Battery Care function, you never have to worry about overcharging your speaker, making it more dependable for longer.

Big sound on the move

Whenever you want to move the XV800, take hold of the convenient carry handle and tilt it back. Built-in wheels let you roll all the way to the party.
Image of the SRS-V800 being moved from a room by tilting it back onto its wheels and holding the handle
Close up image of the wheels on the back of the SRS-XV800 speaker

Light up with ambient illumination

Indirect illumination produces ambient light, so you can light up your room in a way that matches your unique style.
Image of the SRS-XV800 speaker with green ambient lightning sitting on a rug in a room with a chair and a cactus
Image of the SRS-XV800 with blue ambient lighting lying horizontally on a bookshelf