Service Charges

    NOTE: There will be additional charges for the following:

    Cancellation for Out of Warranty Repairs Only
    No Fault Found for both In and Out of Warranty Repairs
    • $ 30 for TV, Video Player, Cameras, Audio products and Xperia phones
    • $ 60 for VAIO Notebooks
    • $ 40 for Tablet
    Corroded Sets for both In and Out of Warranty Repairs
    • 2 x Service Charge
    Dismantled / Modified Sets for both In and Out of Warranty Repairs
    • 3 x Service Charge
    Overseas Sets for both In and Out of Warranty Repairs
    • 2 x Service Charge


    All charges are excluding GST.

    For Audio: Each component will be charged separately.

    Service Warranty is reclaimable, except replacement of new parts, within 3 months from first date of collection if same defect occurs.

    For Service Warranty enquiry, please contact
    Service Hotline: 6544 8600
    Operating hours: 9am to 6pm (Mon to Fri, except public holidays)
    Best time to call: 3pm to 5pm

    Consumer Product - Service Charges

    Product CategoryTypeRateOther Charges
    Television26" and below$ 80$ 20 transport one way
    30" to 39"$ 100
    40" to 54"$ 120
    55" to 59"$ 150
    60" to 79"$ 180
    80" and above$ 250
    Plasma TV$ 200
    Remote commander$ 20
    Home Audio VideoHome Theatre System$ 120

    $ 30 transport two way
    (collect and return)

    BD Player / DVD Recorder$ 80
    Hi-Fi System$ 65
    Amplifier / SACD Player$ 250
    Digital ImagingCyber-shot (DSC)$ 60 
    Handycam (HDR, DCR)$ 80
    DI Accessories (e.g. Flash, LAEA mount, Marine Pack)$ 80
    Alpha APS-C Sensor (ILC, SLT, NEX)$ 80 
    Semi-pro Cyber-shot (RX1 series)$ 150
    Alpha Full Frame Sensor (ILCE-7 series)$ 120
    Alpha Full Frame Sensor (ILCE-1, ILCE-9, SLT-A99, DSLR-A850/A900)$ 150
    Alpha Full Frame Cinema Line camera (ILME-FX series)$ 200
    Lens - Sony$ 80
    Lens - G or Carl Zeiss$ 150 
    Lens - Super Telephoto GM (SEL400F28, SEL600F40)$ 250++ 
    ++ price may vary depending on symptom/faults
    Portable AudioWalkman / ICD recorder / Transistor Radio$ 40 
    Headphone / Earphone$ 40
     Truly Wireless (WF-1000XM3/XM4 & Link Buds WF-L900/LS900 models):
    Regarding replacement of earbuds and charging case for above models, please refer to this FAQ.
    Car AudioPlayer only$ 50 
    In Car Visual$ 60
    ComputersVAIO repair$ 120 
    VAIO software recovery / update$ 60 
    Mobile PhoneXperia repair$ 80 
    Xperia software update / Reset$ 50