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Cannot obtain sufficient noise canceling effects (WF-1000X/WH-1000XM2/WH-1000XM3/WI-1000X)

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If the headset is set to Ambient Sound Control, the effects of noise canceling may be weak.

Check whether or not Noise Canceling is set on the Headphones Connect app.

  1. Connect the headset to the smartphone via Bluetooth function and launch the Headphones Connect app.
    NOTE: For details on operation method, refer to the instructions manual supplied with the product.
  2. If Adaptive Sound Control is [On], set to [Off].

  3. Turn Ambient Sound Control [On].
    If set to a setting other than Noise Canceling, slide the bar to the left and set to Noise Canceling.

  4. START Noise Cancelling Optimizer while the headset is equipped on your head. (Excluding WF-1000X)
    Optimizing noise canceling increases the effects of noise canceling to its maximum capability.


If using Adaptive Sound Control in the [On] state, noise canceling can be set in 4 types of movement patterns (Staying/Walking/Running/Transport).


  1. Tap the (Setting) icon in the Adaptive Sound Control menu.

  2. Tap the movement pattern you want to edit. (Staying/Walking/Running/Transport)

  3. Slide the bar to the left and set to Noise Canceling.