Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers

SRS-XV800 Selected Video Transcript

This video introduces the Sony SRS-XV800 wireless speaker and demonstrates key features through an evolving party with a group of friends.

We start by zooming into different parts of the speaker, touching briefly on the ambient lighting around the top handle and then panning down to the large, uniquely-shaped, X-Balanced Speaker Unit, designed for powerful and high quality bass sound.

Rotating around the top of the unit reveals sound-spreading tweeters (front and rear), producing Omni-directional Party Sound, which is then shown filling a large living space with sound as we zoom out to the party.

A series of shots show the party guests dancing and we see how the integrated handle / wheel allows simple portability from inside to outside. The top touch panel controls are used to switch on ambient light to light up the party.

We see a microphone and guitar input allow the guests to dance and sing karaoke.

The XV800 is moved to a different area of the house and the 25-hour long battery life is highlighted.

It is then connected to a TV playing live music, and the TV Sound Booster is activated to enhance the guests’ enjoyment of the TV viewing, with deep bass and room filling sound.

The video ends with "LIVE LIFE LOUD" title and a product shot, followed by the Sony animated logo.