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INZONE BUDS Selected Video Text Transcript

An animated INZONE logo appears under an energetic electronic music soundtrack.

The camera slowly zooms towards the face of a woman with colourful pigtails and a stylish purple and pink outfit. She is seated in a modern apartment space at a desktop gaming computer. She is wearing and conversing via INZONE Buds in-ear headphones.

A series of shots reveal she is playing a game using a keyboard and mouse while livestreaming to a small desktop camera. Comments from viewers are shown on the screen.

Full-screen title: “Spatial sound personal optimisation”

We cut to a close-up shot of the side of her head, which transitions to an animated graphic showing a smartphone capturing a picture of a woman's ear.

The animation demonstrates how the shape of her ear is analysed and the sound field is optimised.

On a close-up shot of the woman's ear, we hear the sound of the INZONE Buds calibrating via a series of beeps designed to measure her ear characteristics.

Full-screen title: “360 Spatial Sound for Gaming”

As the camera pans towards her, the woman closes her eyes and gently tips her head back to indicate the sense of being transported into the world of her game, through 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming and Personal Optimisation.

She appears to float, as a game environment is rendered all around her. Glasses appear on her face and a gun in her hand, and she slowly descends into the modern cityscape battlefield of the game.

She carefully moves forward, holding the gun ready, as a wide shot reveals opponents hidden behind obstacles.

The camera moves tight on the woman's ears and the INZONE Buds, and it is clear she can rely on the spatial sound to determine the position of her enemies. We cut to a first-person view as she takes aim and dispatches them.

The camera zooms into the gun barrel and transitions into a game screen reading "VICTORY".

We then quickly scroll through a series of admiring comments gathered in her comments feed, then a shot of her proudly responding to them.

A birds-eye view of her desktop is used to transition, via a spinning animation of an INZONE Bud, to a shot of a spinning fan, with the title “Noise Cancelling”.

We can hear the distracting noise of the fan.

The woman taps a panel on the left side of her INZONE Buds and a subtle beep sound is heard, then the noise from the fan disappears.

There is one more shot of the fan, then the camera pans back from her gaming desktop.

Full-screen title: “AI based Microphone”

A montage of close-up tiles show the woman typing, clicking a mouse, an incoming call on a smartphone, and talking while wearing INZONE Buds. The cacophony of sounds from the tapping on the keyboard, a mouse click, an incoming call on the smartphone and the woman's voice are all heard.

Then all the tiles except the woman talking fade away, as the AI-based algorithm focuses on just her voice, extracting it from the other noise to deliver it clearly to other players.

Full-screen title: “Long Battery Life”

We return to a wide time-lapse of the woman playing the game at her desk.

Through the windows around her room, it's clear she starts playing at night and continues until the sun rises in the morning.

She stretches with a satisfied expression as the long gaming session ends.

Full-screen title: “Low Latency”

A close-up shot shows the supplied INZONE Buds USB Type-C® dongle, connected to a desktop PC. Animated titles wind back from “70ms” to “30ms”, demonstrating the ultra-low latency available. Captions read “xxxx”.

The title screen transitions via a zoom out from an extreme close-up of the woman's INZONE Buds headset, as she intently continues to play. A caption reads “xxxx”.

The shot then zooms towards the side panel of an animated INZONE Bud, floating in space under the title “Tap Operation”.

A close-up of the INZONE Bud pulses to simulate taps while a graphic demonstrates an increase in volume with a short tap, then decreasing volume via longer taps.

The INZONE Bud turns in space under the title “Wearing Comfort”.

It then twists again and is shown easily being inserted into a rendered ear.

A pair of INZONE Buds spin around each other in space, under the full-screen title “Perfect for PlayStation®5”.

They continue to move in space, spinning and dancing and the logos for INZONE x Fnatic are superimposed, side by side, to highlight this partnership.

The INZONE Buds move in a slow rotation in space, then the supplied white charging case appears and the units are stored. A black charging case is also revealed.

The video closes with the animated Sony logo.