• Connectors

        Micro USB (charging – via wall socket only)

      • Colour


      • Keyboard layouts

        QWERTY – US/EN, QWERTY – UK/EN, QWERTY/JCUKEN – EN/RU, AZERTY – FR, QWERTY – ES, QWERTY – IT, QWERTZ – DE, QWERTY-based JIS – JP, Market availability may vary

      • Controls

        Power on/off, Bluetooth® pairing key

      • Charging

        Micro USB

      • Key pitch

        17.5 mm

      • Compatibility

        The Bluetooth® Keyboard BKB10 is compatible with any device with support for Bluetooth® profile Human Interface Device Profile (HID)*. Refer to your device specifications for information., *Optimised for Android. Functionality may vary between devices.

      • Indicators

        LED (indicating Bluetooth® on), LED (indicating low battery and charging)

      • Battery performance

        Up to 3 months