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Infineon TPM Firmware Vulnerability - 21st Dec 2017

    Dear Valued Sony VAIO Customers,

    A security vulnerability in the firmware of Infineon's TPM (security chip) installed in June 2013 - February 2014 VAIO Pro 13/11 series notebook computers was identified.
    Please see the Infineon advisory located here for more details.

    This is currently under preparation. Please visit this page regularly for updates.

    Affected Models
    Models launched in June 2013 - February 2014 and equipped with Infineon's TPM.

    SVP11 series:     
    SVP11217PGB     SVP11217PGS     SVP11217PWB
    SVP1121ZPGR     SVP1121ZPWR     SVP11229PGB

    SVP13 series:
    SVP13216PGB     SVP13217PHB     SVP13218PAB  
    SVP13218PGB     SVP13218PGS     SVP13218PKB  
    SVP13218PWB     SVP13218PWS     SVP13219PGB  
    SVP13219PKB     SVP1321FPGB     SVP1321FPGS   
    SVP1321XPNB     SVP1321ZPGR     SVP1321ZPKR
    SVP1321ZPWR     SVP13227PHB     SVP13229PGB
    SVP13229PGS     SVP13229PWB     SVP13229PWS  
    SVP1322FPGB     SVP1322XPKB

    How to check if your notebook computer is vulnerable
    1. Hold down the [Windows] key and press the [R] key.
    Alternatively, click [Execute by specifying file name] from the [Start] menu.

    2. In the [Run with Specify File Name] dialog box, enter [tpm.msc] and select [OK].


    If the subject TPM is not installed, "Compatible TPM cannot be found" will be displayed and the notebook computer is not affected by this issue.


    If the manufacturer's version indicates "4.31" or "4.32", the subject TPM is installed. As such, the notebook computer is affected by the vulnerability issue.
    If other versions are stated, the notebook computer is not affected by this issue.


    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

    Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.