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How to back up and restore data in SonicStage?

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Back up and restore data in SonicStage.

SonicStage Backup Tools can be used to back up the data in SonicStage. Please refer to the steps below:

A. Back up data
Data cannot be saved while SonicStage is in operation.

Please ensure the following before backing up the data:
- Close all other programs.
- Check-in songs through an external device or media.

During the back up process, please do not allow the system to suspend or hibernate.

1. Click Start, click All Programs, click SonicStage and click SonicStage Backup Tools.
2. Select the Back up my data option and click Next twice.
3. Select the Hard disk or Removal media option, select a backup destination and click Next.
- To specify a folder, click Browse and select the folder to save the backup data.
- If a removeable media is chosen, user will be prompted to insert the next media when the size of the data is too large to store to one disc.
4. Enter a filename and click Next.
- Select the Verify the backup option to check if the data is properly backed up.
6. Click Start.
- Backup will start. Upon completion, the Backup is finished dialog box appears.
7. Click OK.

B. Restore backup data
To move the backup data from the hard disk to a removable media, it must be restored to the original location of the hard disk before executing restoration.
Connection to Internet for authentication purposes may be required.

1. Click Start, click All Programs, click SonicStage and then click SonicStage Backup Tools.
2. Select the Restore the backup data on my computer option and click Next twice.
3. Click Browse to select a specific folder and click Next.
- For restoration to a removable media, insert the media into drive first before specifying the folder .
4. Select the data for restoration and click Next.
5. Select the folder for restoration and click Next.
6. Click Yes.
7. When the Verification window appears, click Next.
- The window showing the execution of authentication via the Internet appears.
8. When the Step 6. Start Running Restore window appears, click Start.
9. When the Backup data is restored window appears, click OK.

Authentication with the server may fail due to the following causes:
- The authertication server of the backup tool cannot be accessed because of maintenance or failure.
- The server is temporarily busy.
- Try accessing the server for authentication at a different time or day as the server may be temporary unavailable.