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How to reduce an image size or file size?

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Reducing an image size or file size.

Please refer to the steps below to reduce an image size or a file size:

1. Start PictureGear Studio.
2. Click Photo Collection.
3. Click the image of which the size is to be changed.
4. Click Convert Size and Format.
5. Select the Change Size option.
6. Click Ratio or Size and set it to a given size.
The functions of these option buttons are as follows:
- Ratio: To change the selected image by percent.
- Size: To change the selected image to the specified size keeping the aspect ratio of the image
7. Click OK

If JPEG is selected as an output format, the image quality can be selected in the range of 1 to 10.
To do so:
In the Image Format column, click Option. Make this setting in the JPEG Option dialog box that appears.