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How to send a file with Windows Messenger in Windows® XP?

    Sending a file with Windows Messenger in Windows® XP.

    Please refer to the steps below:

    1. Click Start and click Windows Messenger .
    2. Right-click the online member name and click Send a file to.
    3. Click File, Send a file to and click a member name.
    4. Click the file to send and click Open.

    When a request to send a file is made and the receiver accepts the request, the response is returned to that computer where the request was made.
    If Cancel is clicked while the computer is waiting for the acceptance of the receiver, the file transfer is cancelled.
    If the Local Area Network is protected by some types of firewall (for example a company's network),
    the file may not be sent to someone outside the firewall. When the Internet connection firewall is enabled using Windows® XP, the file transfer port needs to be opened manually.