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Windows 98: Windows Me: Wallpaper is not displayed properly.

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The setting is not reflected when I select 16 x 16 pixels wallpaper such as [Blue Rivets] or [Triangles] and [Stretch] as [Picture Display]. Sometimes it appears scrambled.
This symptom occurs when the all below condition is covered.
- [Screen area] in [Display Properties] is set 1024 x 768 pixels or higher.
- [Picture Display] in [Display Properties] is set as [Stretch].
- Pixel height of bitmap is saved in less than 16 pixels.
- Bitmap is saved in 16 bit color.

Microsoft has confirmed this problem.
Refer to the following to solve the problem.
1, Open the bitmap image with [Paint].
2, Click [Stretch/Skew] in [Image] menu.
3, Stretch more than 200 % both horizontal and vertical and save it from [File] menu.
Use above bitmap image.

Microsoft web site: Q269595