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How to use password reset disc in Windows XP?

Using a password reset disk to reset a password.

    If a password reset disc has been created, users can reset a password on the logon screen when forgetting the password.

    Please follow the steps below to use a password reset disc to reset the password.

    When using a password reset disc, please follow the steps below.

    • The password reset disc cannot be used to reset the password on another computer.
      Only the creator of the password reset disc can activate the disc.
      Therefore, user B cannot use the password reset disc created by user A.

    • The computer will update the password information in the reset disc automatically after the following steps have been performed.
      Users do not need to create a new password reset disc after having reset an account password.

    • Please insert a floppy disk when creating a password reset disc.
    1. On the logon screen, click the user name.


    2. When theType your password dialog box appears, press Enter or click the right-arrow button.

    3. When Do you forget your password? dialog box appears, please click Use your password reset disc.

    4. Insert the password reset disc.

    5. When The Password Reset Wizard dialog box appears, click Next.

    6. After Insert password reset disc dialog box appears, inset password reset disc driver, and then click Next.
      Different computer models have different password reset disc driver name displayed.

      Click in Password reset disc driver,choose the driver users use, and then click Next.

      Different computer models have different password reset disc driver name displayed.

    7. On the User Password Reset dialog box, type in the requested information, and then click Next.
      • The Type a new password box:

        Type a new password.

      • The Type the password again to confirm box:

        Type the password again.


      • The Type a new password hint box:

        Type a hint to remind users of the password if users forget the new password.

        This hint is visible to anyone who tries to log on the computer with the user account.

    8. Click Finish in the Finish Password Reset Wizard dialog box.

    9. Back in the logon screen, please type the new password in the Type your password box, and then press key Enter or the right-arrow button to enter the Operating System.

    Please refer to the technical support information from Microsoft.

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