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What to do if the screen brightness reverts to the previous state even after adjusting with Fn + F5?

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After adjusting LCD brightness using Fn + F5, it can restore to the previous status under the following circumstances.
Only for models with  PowerPanel pre-installed.

  • Restart Operating System.
  • Exit Screen Saver program (password protect).
  • Exit Hibernate or Sleep mode.

Brightness setting always takes PowerPanel mode setting as a standard.
Base on that case, it is invalid to adjust LCD brightness by Fn+F5.

■ Versions before PowerPanel Ver.3.0
  1. Click Start-VAIO-Note Utility, and then click PowerPanel.

  2. When the application column cannot be displayed, right-click Power Panel icon in Task Bar, and then click Display Application Column.

  3. Right-click the selected mode setting icon, and then click Open in the menu.

  4. In the mode setting list that user opens, double-click LCD/Video-LCD Brightness, and set the Brightness Level.

  5. Save this change, and then close the mode setting.

■ Versions after PowerPanel Ver 3.0
  1. Right-click PowerPanel icon in Task Bar, and then click Edit/Create Mode.

  2. When the Mode Editor dialogue box appears, please adjust LCD brightness in LCD Brightness Level.
  3. Click Save to save the settings.

  4. Click OK.