Article ID : 00250803 / Last Modified : 27/12/2020

What are different modes in Photography Pro?

    Valid for 

    • Xperia 1 II
    • Xperia 5 II


    • In "Auto mode", it allows you to shoot still images of any subject under any condition with good results by setting the values determined appropriate by the product.
    • In "P mode"( Program Auto), you can shoot with the exposure adjusted automatically (and also the shutter speed). Also you can select various settings using the menu.
    • In "S mode" (Shutter Priority), it allows you to shoot fast-moving subjects etc., by manually adjusting the shutter speed.
    • In "M mode" (Manual Exposure), it allows you to shoot still images with the desired exposure by adjusting the exposure (and also the shutter speed).
    • In "MR mode" (Memory Recall), It allows you to register frequently used combinations of modes and setting values.

    Note: Xperia 1 II doesn't have the "A mode"(Aperture Priority).

    Note: MR mode is only available in Xperia 5 II.