Article ID : 00228200 / Last Modified : 15/10/2020

How to play 8K content on an 8K BRAVIA TV

The TV can't display an 8K video from HDMI connecting devices.

    To view 8K photos:

    You can display 8K photos from a USB device or via a network using the Media Player app.

    To view 8K video content:

    Follow these steps to play back 8K video from a compatible HDMI device.

    1. Use a Premium High Speed HDMI cable and connect an 8K compatible device to the TV via the HDMI 4 port. 
      For Z8H_ZH8 series:
      Some HDMI devices that output 8K signal require an HDMI cable that supports 48Gbps. In that case, use an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable.
    1. Follow these steps to set the HDMI signal format for HDMI 4 port to Enhanced format (8K).

      1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
      2. Select  Settings.
      3. Select Watching TV.
      4. Select External inputs.
      5. Select HDMI signal format.
      6. Select HDMI 4 (8K).
      7. Select Enhanced format (8K).
    2. Play and view the 8K video content on the TV.