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Can cables be connected to the rear terminals when the TV is mounted on the wall using supplied wall-mount bracket?

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When the optional Wall-Mount Bracket (SU-WL450) is attached to the TV without the Wall-Mount Attachment, some terminals on the rear of the TV may not be available. Refer to the manual of the TV about which terminal is not available.

For X90xxC_X91xxC Series and W95xC_FA9xC Series, when the TV is mounted to the wall using the supplied wall-mount bracket, the space between the TV and the wall [A] is negligible. Therefore, cables cannot be connected to the Rear Terminal [C] on the rear of the TV.
To connect the TV to the Internet, please use a wireless connection instead of wired LAN.

Side-view diagram of TV mounted on the wall

[A] Space between TV and wall
[B] Wall

TV rear-view diagram

X90xxC_X91xxC Series


W95xC_FA9xC Series

[C] Rear Terminal