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Why 3D cannot be viewed when connecting the 3D TV to the 3D Player and Amplifier/Home Theater?

    3D cannot be viewed when connecting the 3D TV to the 3D Player and Amplifier/Home Theater.
    This symptom may occur on Amplifier/Home Theater where 3D Video signal is not transmitted due to the HDMI connection. Refer to below diagram.

    To resolve this symptom, please connect as follows.

    What you will need: 

    1. 3D Player - 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
    2. 3D TV
    3. Amplifier / Home Theater
    4. One High Speed HDMI Cable
    5. One Optical Cable
    6. Sony 3D Glasses and Transmitter

      Note: If the Sony TV is 3D Ready, you will need to purchase the 3D active glasses and 3D Sync transmitter separately. Sony TVs with built in 3D technology have the transmitter built into the TV and come supplied with 3D active glasses. 

    7. Blu-ray Disc 3D Media

    Connection Instructions:


    1. Connect a High-Speed HDMI cable to:
      a. HDMI OUT jack on the 3D Player
      b. HDMI IN jack on the 3D TV

      Note: A High-Speed cable is required for 3D content. The cable should be marked with High-Speed.

    2. Connect a optical cable to:
      a. Optical OUT jack on the 3D TV
      b. Optical IN jack on the Amplifier / Home Theater

      Connect a HDMI cable to:
      c. HDMI OUT jack on the Amplifier / Home Theater
      d. HDMI IN jack on the 3D TV 

    How to test the hookup and operate your equipment

    1. Turn on all the connected equipments. 3D TV, 3D active glasses, 3D Blu-ray Player and Amplifier/Home theatre
    2. Select the correct HDMI channel on the TV which the 3D Blu-ray Player is connected.
    3. On the Amplifier/Home theatre, select the input source where the Optical is connected. Example Video 1
    4. Insert a 3D Blu-ray Disc movie into the 3D player and and playback the disc.

    If there is picture and sound from the 3D Player on the TV, you have connected the devices correctly.

    Note: It may be necessary to activate the 3D feature in the TV and 3D player via the menu systems. Please refer to the instruction manual for your model product for more information.