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How to set up a 3D TV for 3D viewing with a passive 3D glasses.

    1. Turn the TV on.
    2. Connect the 3D source device to the TV using a High-Speed HDMI cable.

      NOTE: For more information regarding the HDMI cable required for 3D viewing, visit

    3. Display the content to watch in 3D on the TV screen.

      NOTE: Make sure that the content being displayed is from a 3D device. If using a 3D capable Blu-ray Disc player or PlayStation 3 (PS3) console, insert a 3D movie or game title. If you have subscribed to 3D programming through your cable or satellite provider, tune the satellite receiver or set-top box to the station with 3D programming.

    4. Using the supplied remote control, press the INPUT button to select the appropriate HDMI input.

    5. Put the Passive 3D glasses on.

    6. Press the 3D button on the TV remote control or select 3D format  (Side-by-Side or Over-Under) by pressing the OPTION button and selecting 3D format.