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How to name a group of tiles on the Start screen.

    Tiles on the Start screen are organized into groups, and each of those groups can be named. Follow these steps to name a group of tiles.

    NOTE: If desired, you can move tiles into different groups, resize the tiles or add more tiles to the screen.

    1. In the new Windows User Interface (UI) Start screen, right-click an empty area of the screen, and then click the Customize button.

      NOTE: If you are using a touch screen, swipe your finger up from the bottom of the Start screen to display the Customize button.

    2. In the Customize screen, click to select the Name group field you want to name.
    3. In the selected Name Group field, enter the name you want the group to have, and then press the Enter key.

      NOTE: You must be in the Customize screen view in order to move or name groups. Those functions cannot be performed in the standard Start screen view.