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At Sony, our employees are empowered with every opportunity to realise their true potential,
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April Lee

Joined Sony in 2010

My 2-year stint stationed in Thailand was my most treasured memories throughout my career life in Sony. From friendships forged, blending into the local culture and language, these are some of the most invaluable experience which not many companies can offer these days. Originally from Regional level, the local country business portfolio offered me an eye-opener; you get a totally different view of actual businesses ran in local culture level. Definitely a fun experience that you won’t want to miss if offered a chance!

"Be Real: Sony offers everyone a chance to express their opinions and ideas. Be authentic in the way you approach your work, and you will definitely be rewarded for it!"

Eric Quek

Joined Sony in 1990

I started my Sony career in 1990 and the journey has been a wonderful one which saw me do three overseas stints and take up jobs in different functions. Throughout my work life in Sony, I find that a willingness to learn and be curious and yet be passionate for what I believe in has helped me adapt to the different environment and demands no matter where I worked or what I did, and it continues to be so today. The young talents of today are self-starters so it is important to provide them the opportunity to learn and be curious so that they can accumulate experiences and equip themselves to navigate their own path towards realizing their personal goals and vision.

"Being curious and being passionate are key traits which will set you in good stead as you build your career in Sony. Curiosity allows you to accumulate knowledge to tackle the variety of business issues."

Elin Wong

Joined Sony in 2011

I love working with our regional colleagues to bring the best audio products and experiences to the market, and understanding our customers’ needs by listening to their feedback directly. With a wide geographic coverage across more than 100 countries, every day presents a new challenge as we develop the right products and promotions for the varied cultures, music preferences and business environments that make up our diverse Asia Pacific region. 

"Be Passionate: Sony treasures diversity in its talent pool. So whether it is your skills, passion, dislike areas, or even opportunity areas – being able to articulate that will enable a great partnership between yourself and the company. That will sustain you through any form of employment."

Kim Hongseok

Joined Sony in 2001

I have been expatriated from South Korea to join Singapore's Regional Headquarter in Video & Sound Division to lead the V&S Business Management Department. The core function of our department is to manage marketing and sales activities for V&S products across all Asia Pacific countries including the Middle East. Sony has not only provided me the opportunity to learn and understand different business situations of each country but also the gratifying experiences of diversed cultures and people through my business trips and engagements with all AP countries. It has been a great opportunity to develop my professional career as well as fostering close relationships with many international friends. I believe this international experience will help me acquire greater insights of our business and create a worldwide connection through international colleagues.

"Sony has a creative and energetic business culture. If you have your own idea and opinion you can freely express your thoughts anytime, anywhere. Be courageous and confident. Be free with responsibility and spread your dreams at Sony with passion. There are many opportunities around you."

Cassandra Guo

Joined Sony in 2008

What I appreciate most about my journey is Sony's dedication to growth and development. Sony offers a wide variety of learning opportunities and career paths that help contribute to my personal development to effectively value-add to the company. Sony offers limitless opportunities for my personal growth and development through a wide array of stretch assignments and responsibilities. It brings forth the privilege working with people who advocates strong and cohesive team spirit making every challenge fulfilling. Every day, I learn something new on the job and it is one of these things that attracted and kept me engaged all these while.

"Every day, I learn something new on the job and it is one of these things that attracted and kept me engaged all these while."

Cashwinn Singh

Joined Sony in 2013

Have you ever felt immersed with a game for hours on a Sony PlayStation console? Or captured stunning landscape visuals with a Sony camera? Creating these moments are what drives our culture and brings meaning to the work we do. Here in Sony, you will find a focus on People, Ideas, and Collaboration. Whatever the role, be it Product Design or IT, you will find many opportunities to explore the different aspects of Sony’s business and operations, learn from people of all levels, be creative when proposing solutions, and build strong working relationships across the globe to deliver great product experiences to our customers.

"With markets and operations spanning the globe, Sony treasures employees who are committed to Diversity and Inclusion in every aspect. Being able to work with people of different backgrounds and harness their collective strengths will help you become an effective agent of change and a valued member of Sony’s Global community and build strong working relationships across the globe to deliver great product experiences to our customers."

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