In line with our global CSR philosophy "For the Next Generation", Sony actively engages in a myriad of activities in the local communities in which we operate in, to help shape a better and more sustainable society. Here in Singapore, we foster positive relationships with local organizations to address the local needs and have a positive impact on the community.

Contributing to S.T.E.M. -
Sony Creative Science Award

Guided by our company purpose to “fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology”, Sony aims to inspire and deliver new experiences to people and get closer to them, while contributing to a sustainable society. Co-organized with Science Centre Singapore and supported by the Ministry of Education, Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) is Singapore’s longest running toy-making competition. It is Sony’s key CSR programme in Singapore, providing students a platform to showcase their creativity and love for science.


Education that fosters curiosity and creativity in children is an important factor in creating a sustainable society. In conjunction with SCSA, the MESH™ workshop, part of the CurioStep education program, is held for students and guided by Sony volunteers. Through the session, students learn and experiment with MESH IoT blocks to build their own gadgets that can be controlled using an app.


Initiated in 1998, SCSA has engaged more than 100,000 students aged between the ages of 7 to 12. It serves to encourage students to unlock beyond-the-classroom creativity through the art of toy-making, and empower the exploration of skills related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Students incorporate recycled materials in their toy creations, aided by technology in the form of motors, electrical circuits and lights.

Local Engagement for Global Impact -
South Africa Mobile Library Project

As part of Sony’s global social contribution initiative, we are supporting the South Africa Mobile Library Project by SAPESI (South Africa Primary Education Support Initiative). The SAMLP continues to touch the lives of thousands of young African children, contributing to the improvement of literacy rates in the country.

Local Engagement1

Here in Singapore, we have been supporting this global initiative since 2008 and continues to be the largest contributor among participating countries, with over 134,000 books donated to-date. Besides contributions by Sony employees, Sony also engages the local community in this meaningful project by inviting schools and members of the public to donate books.

Local Engagement2

Since the project inception, Sony has been the main book contributor and has collected over 300,000 books globally to-date. With more than 53 mobile libraries in operation across all nine provinces in South Africa, the books currently reach out to approximately 850 schools regularly.

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