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26 March 2014
Charge your Devices Wirelessly with the First Wireless Portable Charger from Sony

Users with Qi-compatible devices can now enjoy cable-free charging of their devices


(SINGAPORE, 27th March 2014) – To meet the demands of the latest generation of smartphones and smartphone users for wireless charging utilizing Qi-technology, Sony has announced the CP-W5, a new USB Portable charger that is able to wirelessly charge[1] Qi-compatible devices using an electromagnetic field. This inductive charging technology presents extra convenience for gadget-savvy consumers who are always out and about. The CP-W5 is also able to charge portable devices the conventional way, via a charging cable. It provides users with the convenience of fast-charging, at a high output of 1.0A if the device is charged wirelessly and 1.5A when used with a Micro USB cable.

The CP-W5 has a broad range of charging options. Its main strength lies in the fact that it can charge devices wirelessly or via a charging cable while on the go. It also serves as a charging plate when connected to an AC power supply. Simply place the Qi-compatible device on top of the CP-W5 and both your device and CP-W5 will be charged at the same time.

The CP-W5 comes with Sony's Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery that has a capacity of 5,000mAh, and is ready to be used out of the package immediately to charge your smartphone.

Containing a Sony-made Lithium-ion battery that can be recharged 1,000 times, the CP-W5 leverages on Sony's Hybrid-Gel Technology, allowing it to retain more than 90 percent of its capacity at 1,000 charges.

The new CP-W5 USB Portable Charger from Sony comes in white, and will be available in Singapore from April 2014 onwards.


Specifications Sheet

DC5V, 0.5A ~ 1.5A
1.5A (Max)
Size (W x H x D mm)
66.0 x 130.0 x 16.5
Approx. 188g
Supply Time *1
Approx. 120 min (Max 1.5A)
Battery Capacity (3.7V) *2
5,000 mAh
Output Capacity (5V) *3
Charging Time
AC adaptor
Approx. 4 hours
USB port
Approx. 11 hours
Operating Temerature
0°C ~ 35°C

*1 Supply time varies depending on battery condition, storage condition and portable device
*2 Li-ion polymer battery nominal capacity
*3 Output capacity after voltage conversion to 5V

[1]Requires use of Qi-enabled smartphone or smartphone with Qi-enabled back casing. Qi & USB cannot be output at the same time.

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