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Drop into euphoric bass

Enjoy lush, powerful lows with EXTRA BASS - perfect for EDM lovers.

Get lost in the beat

Forget about everything but the bass - take the sound of the club anywhere you go with the EXTRA BASS range.

Take music further

MDR-XB650BT Headphones

Combining long-listen comfort with powerful EXTRA BASS and the freedom of wireless listening, you can go as far as the music takes you.

Bring the festival home

GTK-XB7 Audio System

Keep the party going with this powerful one-box system, packing in vibrant speaker lights and thumping EXTRA BASS for the ultimate festival vibe. 

Share a deeper sound

SRS-XB3 Wireless Speaker

Small in size, big on sound, the XB3 Wireless Speaker makes it easy to share a deeper, more powerful sound thanks to EXTRA BASS. 



Smartphone compatible headphones with warm bass that packs a punch.

Wireless speakers

Wireless Speakers

Portable compact speakers with formidable
audio and long battery life.