There are plenty of excellent reasons to pursue a career with Sony. Take a peek at some of the perks offered to our employees.

Flexi-hours & Work from Home
We want to give our employees the utmost freedom and flexibility to balance life and work. Sony supports flexible working hours and working from home, which we believe contributes to a harmonized workforce, which in turn enhances creativity and productivity in our people.

Healthy Lifestyle
We have comprehensive medical benefits, health screening and insurance to ensure that our employees are always in the pink of health.

Not only that, we also subsidize holidays, sports programs, eye-care and vaccinations to keep our employees healthy both physically and mentally.

CSR Leave
We are passionate and committed about giving back to society and encourage the same in our people. Employees can take a day off to do some good in the local community.

Staff Purchase
Sony’s much loved products come at attractive discounts for Sony’s valued employees.

Profession Enrichment Subsidy
We subsidize for job-related professional membership or purchase of publications for professional enhancement.