Service Charges
Service Charges
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NOTE: There will be additional charges for the following:

VAIO Software Recovery / Update
  • $60
Tablet Operating System Factory Restore
  • $40
Cancellation of Repair / No Trouble Found
  • $30 for TV, Video Players, Cameras and Audio products
  • $60 for VAIO Notebooks
  • $40 for Tablet
Corroded Sets
  • 2 x Service Charge
Dismantled Sets
  • 3 x Service Charge
All charges are excluding GST.

For Audio: Each component will be charged separately.

Service Warranty is reclaimable, except replacement of new parts, within 3 months from first date of collection if same defect occurs.

For Service Warranty enquiry, please contact
Service Hotline: 6544 8600
Operating hours: 9am to 6pm (Mon to Fri, except public holidays)
Go to a specific model support page.