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Advanced Technology from VAIO
Since its introduction, each new VAIO model has been a showcase of our advanced technological know-how. Till today, this unfailing principle remains very much an integral part of our product development process. Every technological aspect has been carefully thought out when integrating cutting-edge design with advanced technology all with the sole purpose of creating a unique and fulfilling user experience for our valued customers.

Superlative picture and sound quality with HDMI
HDMI preserves the integrity of the original digital source, thereby delivering the sharpest, richest pictures and best surround-sound possible in digital audio/video sources such as TVs, PCs, set-up boxes and Blu-ray DiscTM players.

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Superb viewing experience with LED Backlight
Revel in more brilliant colours, sharper details and longer battery life with LED Backlight technology. Be it surfing your favourite websites or reading emails on your VAIO, you’re assured of the highest viewing quality.

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Audio pleasure  

No more distraction with Noise Cancelling Technology
Effectively blocking out up to 85 per cent of ambient noise, Noise Cancelling Technology immerses you in pure audio pleasure without having you increase the volume excessively.

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Stay Connected with Motion Eye Camera
First introduced in the VAIO C1, the built-in Motion Eye camera and microphone lets you video conference with loved ones anytime,anywhere.

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Superb Viewing with Advanced LCD Technology
Pursuing the goal of television-like clarity in a notebook, VAIO’s Clear Bright Technology offers you astounding colour reproduction, amazing clarity and detailed contrast.

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Complete Experience with VAIO Software
Most VAIO models come with a suite of Sony exclusive software such as VAIO Movie Story and VAIO Music Box, providing non-stop video editing and music enjoyment.

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Data Security with HDD Protection
To help prevent data loss from any unfortunate accidents, a special HDD Protection mechanism moves the reading arm away from the disk during impacts and falls.

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Next - Generation Entertainment with Blu-ray Disc™ Playback
TVs and camcorders are all going HD, so why not your computer? Enjoy all the benefits of reading and writing to Blu-ray Disc™ with VAIO - from watching the latest HD movies to making your own HD home videos.
Applicable to selected models of each VAIO series.

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It’s a breeze on the Ergonomic Keyboard
A truly comfortable and effortless typing experience is yours when isolated keys on the keyboard prevent accidental pressing of the wrong keys.

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Light and Durable Carbon Fibre Construction
You'll appreciate the rugged durability and lightweight portability of carbon fibre. It's the same material used in Formula One race cars and high-tech airplanes.

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Ultimate efficiency with Solid State Drive (SSD)
SSD technology, also known as flash technology, boots up your VAIO faster and lets you enjoy faster access to applications. It’s also a more durable storage solution as it offers more protection from physical damage, such as scratches, which are common in hard disk drives.

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Long-Lasting Power with Ultra Stamina
If you're on the move an entire day, you'll need battery power that lasts just as long. The new VAIO TZ offers power up to an incredible 12 hours respectively, providing truly powerful mobile performance.

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Portability with Ultra-Slim LCD
Slimmer panels and strong carbon fibre casing means your VAIO has the thinnest LCD ever - as slender as 4.4mm - without sacrificing any brightness or colour vibrancy.

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Versatility with Hybrid Graphics System
This handy Hybrid Graphics System selector is right next to the keyboard, so you can choose between high-performance graphics or longer battery life with the flick of a switch.

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Surround Sound  
Enveloping Sound with Dolby Sound Room
A sound-enhancing technology introduced in the VAIO FW, Dolby Sound Room comprises a suite of technologies that delivers cinema-quality surround sound for an enveloping listening experience

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Easy Mode Changes with Switch Function
The Switch function enables customisation of "personalities" or modes for home, work and entertainment. At the press of a key, Switch instantly changes the operating environment to match your usage requirements.

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