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  Enjoy the ultimate usability, comfort and convenience you're accustomed to in the new VAIO Z. Convenient features such as the Real Wide 13.1” display and intelligent software like VAIO Presentation Support greatly simplify operation and contribute to a pleasant user experience.    
The 13.1" screen makes the VAIO Z suitable for use as both a desktop PC and as a portable machine. Featuring the same 16:9 aspect ratio as a BRAVIA HDTV, the Real Wide 13.1" screen makes for a larger desktop than standard size displays, providing ample room for the simultaneous viewing of multiple windows, such as displaying Excel documents while surfing the Net. The WXGA++ format (1600 x 900 pixel resolution) is also ideal for wide-screen presentations.
Vibrant clarity is yours to enjoy on Sony's new 13.1" Clear Tough LCD [Rich Colour] display with scratch-resistant and low-reflection coatings. The colour gamut of this beautiful LCD exceeds NTSC standards (u' v' axis, NTSC comparison), making it ideal for mobile use or at the office. Whether for business or pleasure, it lets you view any image, document, or movie in HD quality.
New pre-installed VAIO Presentation Support software heightens the convenience and flexibility of business presentations by displaying the external monitor's presentation material in a separate window. It makes business presentations easier in any business scenario.
Supremely convenient HDMIT output enables single-cable connection with a large-screen TV for displaying images, movies, and presentation materials at stunning quality.
Connecting with peripherals couldn't be easier. Simply place VAIO Z on the optional docking station to link with your office printer, network and more. Or remove VAIO Z for business on the go.
Various refined accessories are available for VAIO Z. These include a genuine leather carrying case and cover specially designed to complement its executive styling.
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