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  Designed for those who are accustomed to the best, the VAIO Z delivers a refined form and incomparable visual appeal. From its stately black finish and slim carbon fibre body, the VAIO Z is impeccably refined without compromising the exacting standards of your socially demanding lifestyle.  
The unique cylindrical form of the VAIO Z - traditionally one of the most distinctive features of VAIO design - integrates the glowing power button into its silver hinge and connects part of the battery, monitor and keyboard in a beautiful, seamless design.
Slightly rounded and bevelled at the front and back for a beautiful flowing effect, the keyboard panel is clearly crafted for the elite executive. Formed from a single aluminium sheet, this exclusive panel has a finely brushed palm rest that impresses like a piece of sculptured art.
Finely finished in sophisticated matte black and tastefully accented with a prestigious silver VAIO logo that subtly reflects your surroundings, the carbon fibre cover conveys your executive status and cultured sense of style.
Even the keys are not spared from Sony's precise engineering and premium styling. The seamless keyboard features isolated keys that augment typing comfort while responding silently to finger-tip input. It's clear to see everything about the VAIO Z is designed for operating ease and comfort.
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