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Now, Sony has further enhanced performance while taking mobility to a new level with the new VAIO Z. It's no simple task to achieve these two conflicting goals. That is where Sony's long history of expertise and technology comes in.
Once again, Sony is set to revolutionise home entertainment with its new range of VAIO Living products - delivering tomorrow's home living today.

Mr. Takeshi Goto, head of the product producing team, shares with us what goes into designing a VAIO TZ. Also, he sheds light on what VAIO customers can look forward to in the next decade, and whose work he is a fan of.

Developers tell their interesting side of a story about how their various concerns related to the new design concept behind VAIO AR. They especially detail the challenges involved with bringing their original concepts into the development and production stages .
Exceptional style and performance for exceptional people. Find out how this excellent machine was developed and listen to what the experts have to say.
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