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While international travel is off-limits, it is now a great time to relearn & rediscover Singapore! With a little research you may find great new places to hang out with friends & family – and with the right camera, create lots of IG-worthy memories!
Explore Vibrant Mural art at the Medley Alley, along the Katong Joo Chiat Heritage Art Trail.

DSC-RX100M7: The DSC-RX100M7 is an excellent exploration companion. It has a small compact body, which makes it easy to carry around – yet houses a powerful large 1-inch sensor which guarantees high quality images. The camera also comes with a handy 24-200mm lens & state-of-the-art Auto-Focus system, making it a versatile & reliable camera in any situation.

RX Compact Advanced RX 100 VII
Dpreview TIPA
RX 100 VII
Advanced Compact Camera $1,549 after $100 Cashback
64GB SD Card,
Workshop Course
Enjoy Alfresco Dining with your significant other at a laid-back seaside restaurant along Changi Beach, The Sea Grill.

ILCE-6400: The ILCE-6400 camera kit is a lightweight all-purpose camera for those who want to enjoy better image & low light quality from an APS-C sensor. The camera's speedy & reliable AF also detects your subject's eyes, ensuring that your loved one remains the focus of every shot.

Alpha Alpha 6400
Alpha 6400
APS-C Camera Kit $1,469
Carrying Case, Workshop Course
Enjoy a Heart-Pumping Ride with friends at Coney Island.

FDR-X3000R: The FDR-X3000R is a waterproof camera that's perfect for Singapore's sunny & rainy weather, especially on a wet & muddy terrain. The camera's wide-angle feature makes it easy to keep everyone in shot & the image stabilisation makes this camera an ideal choice for mounting on your bike.

Action Cam FDR X3000R
FDR X3000R
4K Action Cam $719 after $80 Cashback
64GB Micro SD Card
Attend a Pottery Art Class with your loved ones at one of our favourite pottery studio, Urth & Phire.

ILCE-6600: With a built-in image stabilisation system & fast, reliable Auto-Focus, the ILCE-6600 is ideal for documenting fleeting yet precious moments with your kids. Preserve your memories with outstanding image quality, using Sony's state-of-the-art APS-C sensor, paired with the sharp & portable SEL1670Z.

Alpha Alpha 6600 & Sel1670Z
Alpha 6600
APS-C Camera Body $1,899 after $100 Cashback
Sel 1670Z
APS-C 16-70mm F4
$999 after $300 Cashback
64GB SD Card, LCS-BBK Carrying Case,
Workshop Course
Indulge Yourself in Nature's Embrace as you get up close & personal with Singapore's wildlife at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves.

DSC-RX10M4: The DSC-RX10M4 is the nature lover's camera. Armed with a 24-600mm Telephoto lens, 24 fps shooting speed & Sony's excellent focusing system, the DSC-RX10M4 is great for both capturing wildlife in action or picturesque scenery near & far.

RX Compact RX 10 M IV
Award TIPA
RX 10 M IV
Advanced Bridge Camera $2,049 after $450 Cashback
64GB SD Card, Workshop Course

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Share your talents with the world, entertain audiences & wow online viewers by recording yourself with a camera that delivers professional quality videos.
Tips for Livestreaming Music: Consider using an external dedicated microphone to improve the clarity of your voice.
3 steps to live-stream with Sony
Imaging Edge Webcam Imaging Edge

boost your live-stream with Imaging Edge Webcam

Tips for Creating Casual Video Content: Try shooting in vertical mode! Your clips will be optimised for viewing on mobile phones & it will make your content feel more immersive.

ZV-1: Designed for Casual Videography, this pocketable camera has fast access buttons to change subject focus settings on-the-fly, great eye Auto-Focus even in videos & an internal microphone - perfect for those who enjoy the simplicity of a hassle-free camera.

Digital Camera ZV 1 *Grip Sold Separately
ZV 1
Casual video camera $999
Limited Edition Leather Carrying Case, 64GB Memory Card, USB Adaptor Kit,Workshop Course
Tips for Recording Cinematic Video Content: Use a variety of camera movements in your video – from panning to tilting to zooming – to make your video more interesting.

ILCE-7M3: Captivate audiences with cinematic-quality video with Sony's back-illuminated CMOS sensor & advanced video features, such as 2.4 times oversampling in 4K. Pair it with the content creator's favourite, the ZEISS® SEL1635Z, for incredible clarity that also allows you the flexibility to create a variety of scenes.

Alpha Alpha 7M3 & Sel1635Z
TIPA Alpha 7M33
Full-Frame Camera
Body Only
$2,499 after $400 Cashback
Zeiss Sel 1635Z
Full-Frame 16-35mm
F4 ZEISS® Lens
$1,349 after $450 Cashback
NP-FZ100A Rechargeable Battery Pack, Workshop Course
Tips for Capturing Family Videos: Just let the kids be. Often, the best material for family videos is kids having fun amongst themselves!

FDR-AXP55: For those who don’t want to be worried about battery life, want a camera with ergonomics dedicated to video & access to Sony’s industry leading BOSS stabiliser. Includes a projector that allows you to play back your videos to an audience on the spot.

Handycam FDR-AXP55
4K Handycam® with Projector $2,099 after $200 Cashback
64GB SD Card, NP-FV100A Rechargeable Battery Pack, LCS-U21 Carrying Case