We have taken Noise-Cancelling to another level by automatically adjusting the noise cancellation settings based on your location and surroundings. It also incorporate the Personal Noise-Cancelling Optimiser & Atmospheric Pressure Optimiser specially designed for travel.

Reduce background noise and improves communication between you and your caller with our Precise Voice Pickup. Better communication means less information repeated and more accurate information from your calls.

Take off your headphones and the music or video automatically pauses, so fret not that you will miss any of those exciting scene ever again. You can simply put back on and it resume playing where you left off.

Our Noise-Cancelling headphones offer excellent hearing protection by blocking external sound without having to replace it with louder volume. Now you can turn down volume to a comfortable level with the best listening experience.

You can now pair your headphones to 2 devices at the same time. As your call comes in, your headphones will be able to seamlessly identify the device ringing and connect to the right one automatically.

Now with Quick Attention and Speak-to-Chat function, you can easily let in ambient sound so you can conduct conversation without taking off your headphones.

With our quick charge capability, you can get hours of playback with just 10mins of charging. If you didn't have time to charge, our headphones can be connected via headphones cable to be used passively.