Which Noise-Cancelling Headphones Suit You Best?

Remove Distractions and Focus on
What You Love in Style

Noise-Cancelling headphones make it easy to immerse in a world of brilliant sound and beautiful music, even in lively households with parents, kids, siblings and pets.

Put on your Noise-Cancelling headphones to get work done, study or relax, while others go about their day. Noise-Cancelling headphones also protect your hearing as they allow you to listen to music at comfortable volumes (instead of pumping up the sound to drown out your surroundings).

Best of all, blocking off unwanted noise doesn’t mean cutting you out of conversations that you’re interested in – with one tap, you can listen in to your surroundings and speak to anyone around you, before getting back to enjoying quiet tranquillity.

For the ultimate audio experience, choose the award-winning 1000X series Noise-Cancelling headphones – which are available now at up to 20% discount.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Break a Sweat with Sony’s Wireless Headphones and Gear up in Style with Complimentary Decathlon Gift Cards

One of the best ways to boost your energy level during the day is with exercise – whether it’s a rigorous run or simple stretching routine at home. Now, you can truly enjoy your workouts with wireless sports headphones. Stretch, run, jump and lift weights with complete freedom, and stay motivated during any exercise routine.

  • Activate ambient mode to be aware of surrounding noise when exercising outdoors.
  • Get your heartbeat up during aerobic exercises by listening to an upbeat song on earphones with Sony’s signature
    EXTRA BASS™ sound.
  • Release the stress of a busy workday with stretching exercises, combined with relaxing tunes that sooth the mind.
  • Lift your mood by enjoying music as you take a relaxing evening walk or jog. Stay aware of your surroundings by enabling Ambient Sound mode.
  • Fully engage your body, with zero worries of cord entanglement.
  • Received a call during your workout? Pick it up and chat with the in-built microphones.
  • Designed to stay in place, even during vigorous movement.
  • With Voice Assistant, you can talk to your phone and ask it to play music, dial and answer calls, reply to messages, and much more.

Wireless Headphones for Sports

*The free gift redemption letter will be sent via email after registering of product warranty (www.sony.com.sg/mysony)

Work, Study and Play with Complete Freedom of Movement

At home, it’s easy to forget you are wearing a pair of wireless headphones for an entire day to work, study, relax and play because it is so convenient. For maximum comfort and usability, you’ll want to choose headphones that are perfect for your everyday needs.
Be spoilt for choice with Sony's diverse range of wireless headphones that deliver great performance and industry-leading Noise-Cancelling features.

Wireless headphones for ultimate convenience

Wires Tying You Down? Leave the Corded Life Behind for Truly Wireless Convenience with our Trade-In Promotion

Experience the difference Truly Wireless freedom makes to workout sessions and everyday life.

The WF-SP800N and WF-XB700 inject even more excitement to our line-up of award-winning Truly Wireless headphones, which includes sports-focused, Noise-Cancelling and EXTRA BASS™ models.

Upgrade now to experience the convenience of Truly Wireless headphones with our trade-in promotion. Simply trade in your old earphones to get the outstanding WF-H800 at a fantastic price.

Truly Wireless headphones that we can't live without

*The free gift redemption letter will be sent via email after registering of product warranty (www.sony.com.sg/mysony)

Play an Active Role in Your Child’s Online Activities

For many parents, study rooms have transformed into classrooms, as they sit in on their child’s home-based classes. Now, you can participate in your child’s classes by using Sony’s wired headphones (and a splitter) – listening in to lessons and understanding the curriculum. While listening in, you can also engage with your child’s tutor to better understand the lesson requirements.

But that’s not all. You can also join in on fun times as your child participates in virtual playdates with friends!

Wired Noise-Cancelling Headphones