All the Ways Sony's Camera Can Change Your Life

Live Streaming is Easy with Sony

With regulation preventing business owners, trainers & entertainers from reaching their audiences in-person, live streaming has become the primary way to connect with audiences. Featuring high quality video & audio recording capabilities, large memory storage & reliable stabilisation, Sony's camera can help you to showcase your products & services online by creating outstanding content that your audiences will love.

Expand your reach, gain new fans & open new avenues for yourself with brilliant digital photography, videography & live streams - made easy with Sony's cameras & accessories.

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Your Livestream Essentials
(APS-C camera set-up)

Your Livestream Essentials
(Full-Frame Camera set-up)

Loan Lens

Try out Sony’s premium lenses for five days

Start Your Journey with
2 Complimentary Lens Loans

Imagine having the ability to see the world through multiple perspectives, each one more imaginative than the last. Camera lenses give you this choice, offering an endless range of creative options for your photographs. Photographers & enthusiasts know that choosing lenses is an important element to capturing the perfect shot. We believe that the best way to select a lens that suits your style & creative vision is to try it.

That’s why when you purchase any of the Full-Frame cameras listed below and register your warranty, you will receive two complimentary lens loans. This includes a suite of lenses from the Telephoto G-Master to Macro G lenses collections.
This way, you can take your photography to the next level from day one.

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*This promotion is only eligible for ILCE-9, ILCE-9M2, ILCE-7RM3 and ILCE-7RM4.
Terms & Conditions apply.

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Learn the Secrets of Delicious Food Photography

How do professional photographers and food bloggers make dishes so irresistible in photos? Discover their secrets in this video featuring Ms. Jessica Hirsch, the founder of @cheatdayeats & @yourroomservice, as she explains how you can bring your food shots to life.

As the founder of @cheatdayeats & @yourroomservice, Jessica Hirsch's in-your-face food photography style has gained a major following on Instagram. See how she brings her food shots to life & uses social media to separate them from the rest.

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Treat yourself (& your camera) to some yummy food! Up your food photography skills with these tips!

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Inspiring Stories & Heart-warming Moments Captured with a Sony's Camera

Never forget the most precious moments in life – your kids growing up, the times you spent learning a new hobby, precious moments with your family & much more – ever again. With our wide selection of cameras & lenses, today more than ever, we have the ability to capture every precious moment of our lives. Record all the wonderful moments you’re sharing with the family, capture your kids as they grow up & create digital albums that last forever.
Learn how you can document your child’s growing up years with beautiful photographs, applying concepts such as layering, contrast & dramatic light to tell heartfelt stories

Also, discover how one photographer uses her skills to empower women to find their creative voice, while helping to cultivate creativity & imagination in children.

Watch her heartwarming video here.

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