21 Sep - 9 Oct 2023

Creating new standards for our materials future

Sony's Creative Center strives to create new standards as we explore the possibilities of design.
Material Matters reflects this ethos with its detailed exploration into the world of material fascination. The exhibition features colour, material and finish (CMF) themes derived by Sony's designers who made future predictions based on global trend research, along with the study of Original Blended Material, Sony's environmentally conscious paper material.

21 Sep - 9 Oct 2023

Monday - Sunday
11am - 8pm

Sony Store, 313@Somerset

313 Orchard Rd, #02-28 to 37,
313@somerset 238895

cmf framework project

CMF Framework Project

Members of the Creative Center study colour (C), material (M), and finish (F) and make proposals as to how they should be incorporated into future products and services, based on original insights. These properties, also referred to as “CMF”, are an important element to consider in order to offer products and services that resonate deeply with people. For the CMF Framework project, Sony's designers continuously conduct trend analyses and field research into CMF to develop CMF themes. Visitors can view “samples” of these themes as reflected in objects and videos.

original blended material

Original Blended Material

“Original Blended Material” is a paper material developed by Sony. Made from bamboo, sugarcane fibres, and post-consumer recycled paper, it is suitable for a diverse range of packaging and has less of an impact on the environment than virgin plastics. Creative Center designer Kenichi Hirose, who was involved in its development, says “the purpose of using this material is to ‘communicate’ to customers to make them more aware of the environment.”