Hidden Senses

Hidden Senses

Hidden Senses in Singapore

March 26 - May 15, 2019

"Hidden Senses", awarded the Best Playfulness 2018 at
Milan Design Week and the Executional Award: Best Use of Digital Technology
at the Frame Awards 2019, will be exhibiting at Sony Store, 313@somerset.
See, hear and feel Hidden Senses that inform your everyday life
whilst interacting with familiar objects in a contextual space
created by Sony Design.

Empty Jug

1 Empty Jug

Pick up the jug, and move as if to pour the water from the jug into the cup, while gently rocking it. Light, sound, and vibrations will work together to make you feel like water is being poured into the cup, when it does not actually exist.

Object Switch

2 Object Switch

Point to the objects. You will be able to play music, alter the lights, and even move the shadows and photos, simply by pointing these objects. Things in daily life become ON/OFF switches, activated by simple actions.

Sketching Portrait

3 Sketching Portrait

Stand for a few seconds in front of the mirror. A moment in your daily life will become an illustration, and be saved on paper. The everyday act of looking into a mirror becomes a record, and a memory.


March 26 - May 15, 2019


Sony Store, 313@somerset
313 Orchard Road #02-28 to 37, 313@somerset
Singapore 238895

Exhibition concept and design

Sony Design