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3D in Full High Definition

Get the Full 3D experience
with frame sequential method.

Using a cutting-edge technology called frame sequential method, Sony 3D HDTVs alternately reproduces distinct Full HD 1080p images for each eye to deliver remarkably crisp and vivid 3D pictures.

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Amazingly Clear 3D Picture

Beautiful and crystal clear images
with High Speed Precision.

High Speed Precision technology helps prevent the left and right eye images from overlapping (crosstalk). This displays a crisp, clear picture for each eye with no overlap for superb, lifelike picture reproduction.

200Hz Refresh Rate
By increasing the frame rate by four times and writing the left and right frames twice each at a rate of 1/200 seconds, the left and right images can be displayed alone in their entirety.
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Unsurpassed Brightness

3D pictures are sharper and more
luminous with LED Boost.

Unlike conventional LED backlit televisions, Sony 3D HDTVs precisely increase the output of each LED with LED Boost technology to deliver brilliant 3D pictures with excellent colour and contrast.

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Natural Viewing Experience

Reduced flicker for smooth
and comfortable viewing.

Sony 3D HDTVs, in combination with active shutter glasses, are designed to harmonise with your room’s ambient light to deliver a viewing experience with minimal flicker.

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Your Existing Shows in 3D

A new way to watch movies with
3D up-conversion.

An advanced algorithm on your Sony 3D HDTV converts your existing Cyber-shot photos, 2D TV shows, sports, movies, and games to simulated 3D with just the press of a button.

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Wider Viewing Angle and Longer Range

Wider Viewing Angle and Longer Range.

With a wide 120° viewing angle and longer communication range, the whole family can now enjoy the 3D experience together. The strong infrared transmitter also reduces interference with its reliable and stable signal.

*The transmitter is located on the bottom right side of the bezel. Do not put anything in front of the 3D Sync Transmitter as doing so may affect its function. Effective range of 1m – 6m is only when there is nothing present between the transmitter and 3D glasses.
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