Level up your gaming with Xperia

Developed with pro-players and tailor-made for mobile gaming, Xperia is packed with features to give you a competitive edge.

The ultimate Asphalt 9 gaming experience

Asphalt 9: Legends is Gameloft’s latest instalment of the world’s most downloaded and multi-awarded mobile racing game franchise, combining hyper-realistic racing content with a top roster of real hypercars to capture your imagination. And with its beautiful 21:9 display and high fps for supremely fluid motion, the Xperia 1 III offers the ultimate Asphalt 9 gaming experience. 

Promo image showing Asphalt 9 on an Xperia smartphone screen, plus a pile of Asphalt 9 Credits and Tokens
Special offer – Asphalt 9 Credits and Tokens when you buy Xperia

Whether you want to upgrade cars, buy blueprints, or get card packs, Asphalt 9 Credits and Tokens make the game a whole lot more fun – and we’re giving them away free with selected Xperia smartphones. 

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Enjoy immersive gameplay with Identity V on Xperia 1 III

Want to know what makes the Xperia 1 III the perfect device for playing Identity V? Watch the video and all will be revealed…

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GameBench Labs verified
GameBench Labs verified
Xperia 1 III impresses in independent tests

In independent testing by GameBench Labs, the Xperia 1 III achieved the coveted “Ultra” badge for its Display refresh rate and Touch latency when playing Call of Duty®: Mobile. This badge indicates that the playing experience would satisfy the most demanding gamers, such as hardcore competitive gamers or eSports pros.

Engineered to keep you one step ahead

In first-person shooter (FPS) games in particular, every piece of visual and audio information about your opponent is vital – and the Xperia 1 III gives you more than ever before. Responding to the demands of pro gamers, we've focused both on the quality of images and sound and the ability to customise them. So you can enhance your gameplay and notch up more victories. 

Go behind the scenes on Xperia 1 III

See how engineers drew on the knowledge and expertise of pro players to create an exceptional gaming experience.

Technology co-developed with pro gamers
Composite image showing a member of the SCARZ pro-gaming team and a close-up of gameplay on an Xperia phone
Adjust colour and brightness to see the enemy first

Finding your opponent before they find you is key to victory. So the Xperia 1 III lets you adjust display settings like brightness balance to reveal enemies and objects that might otherwise be hidden in dark scenes. It also lets you preset colour and brightness for specific game stages or to help read maps more easily in challenging environments.

Customisable audio helps you outsmart your opponents

In gaming, what you hear can be just as important as what you see. So the Xperia 1 III lets you use the audio equalizer to minimise unnecessary sounds and focus on the ones that matter – from an opponent’s approaching footsteps to the sound of a pin being pulled out of a grenade. The Xperia 1 III also features enhanced voice chat function so you can communicate more clearly with your teammates.

Composite image showing a member of the SCARZ pro-gaming team and a close-up of the Audio equalizer UI on an Xperia phone
Image of a robotic device replicating finger movements on the gaming screen of an Xperia 1 III
Make every touch count

We recorded the finger movements of pro gamers, then performed touch response tuning while reproducing those finger movements with a robot. As a result, Xperia offers exceptional touch speed and accuracy, with a 240Hz Touch scanning rate for precision control.

Game enhancer gives you the edge

Game enhancer is your gaming control centre, enabling you to customise features and settings to create the perfect player experience. Watch the video below to find out more.

Fine-tune your gaming experience

Easy and intuitive to use, Game enhancer lets you adapt and adjust all aspects of the gaming experience to suit your needs. 

Customise display settings to see more of what matters

From colour to white balance, Xperia lets you customise your display settings so you can see the action more clearly and spot your opponents more easily. It’s more comfortable for your eyes too so you can play for longer without feeling the strain.

Adjust audio to give yourself an advantage

Audio equalizer lets you focus in on significant sounds – approaching footsteps or the distinctive noise of a particular weapon – so you can work out where your opponents are, what threat they pose, and how you’re going to beat them. 

Custom settings
Custom settings

Different games place different demands on you as a player. So Game enhancer lets you customise key settings to suit your needs, including Screen refresh rate, Touch response speed, and Touch tracking sensitivity.

Smoother gameplay

Another key Game enhancer feature, 240Hz Motion blur reduction delivers incredibly smooth on-screen action. Gameplay is supremely crisp and sharp – even big directional movements are blur-free – helping to maximise your game awareness and enjoyment.

240Hz Motion blur reduction
An Xperia showing settings for Touch response speed and Touch tracking highlighted in a blue rectangle
Faster touch response

To meet the demands of eSports in particular, Xperia offers an increased Touch scanning rate of 240Hz for super-fast touch response. In tight situations, it can make all the difference.

Overheating prevention

If you’re gaming while your Xperia is connected to a charging adaptor, Heat Suppression power control helps prevent overheating and protect your battery from damage. Which means you can play for longer without compromising performance.

Overheating prevention
Image of smartphone displaying adjustable in-game settings
Fully focused gaming

Activate competition setting to turn your Xperia into a dedicated gaming device with nothing to distract you from the action. Notifications, alerts and incoming calls are all disabled so you can focus purely on your gameplay.

Adjustable audio settings

Planning to record and share your gaming online? Audio mixer lets you adjust voice volume and game volume separately for a balanced sound. And it lets you record at maximum volume even if you’re gaming at low volume on a headset.

Xperia smartphone display showing adjustable audio settings
Voice Chat noise suppression
Clearer chat

When using a 3.5mm audio jack headset with microphone for in-game voice chat, Voice Chat noise suppression significantly reduces background noise. So you and your teammates can hear each other loud and clear.