Full Specifications & Features


Size & Weight

φ100 x 12.3(H) mm
74 g

General Features

Body Material


Picture of Qi™ Wireless charging pad

Compatible with Qi enabled devices

The CP-WP1 is Qi Wireless Charging certified to support a wide range of devices, including iPhone, Galaxy and Xperia smartphones. In addition, wireless headphones, smartwatches and other Qi-certified devices can also be charged. 

Picture of Qi™ Wireless charging pad

Stylish and practical design

An anti-slip charging pad and base secure your smartphone to prevent any slips during charging. The rounded edge offers both an elegant design, and makes grabbing your device to-go quick and easy.

Picture of Qi™ Wireless charging pad

Compact & Elegant design

The small footprint and thin design take up minimal space on your desk or table, and the elegant design fits in perfectly at any home or office.

Easy-to-see blue status LED 

When the blue LED indicator lights up, your device is charging optimally, so it's always easy to position your phone for full charging throughput.

Simple wirelesss charging

Just place your phone on the centre of the wireless pad to start charging - no need to connect, or disconnect, cables and it's always ready to go

Picture of Qi™ Wireless charging pad

Sony's Safe Charge

Sony's long experience in device charging ensures safe and reliable operation. A heat-resistant design, and exclusive Intelligent Power Controller, maintain charging performance even through repeated use. Foreign Object Detection (FOD) protects the device against heat or overloading when other metal objects such as coins and keys are placed on or near the pad.