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Take a virtual trip around the world with Xperia

In 2020, our everyday lives changed dramatically – including how we move from place to place. At a time where physical travel may still feel like a distant daydream, #TravelByXperia is designed to help people across the globe reconnect over their love of adventure. From captivating cityscapes to local delicacies, explore the world with Xperia; you never know what you may find. 

Explore the streets of Hong Kong

Get to know the people and streets of Hong Kong with Billy Ha’s documentary style photographs.

© Billy Ha. All images captured by professional photographer Billy Ha. All images are taken with Xperia. 

Photo of Billy Ha
Billy Ha

Born in Hong Kong, Billy spent his childhood in the U.S. before returning home. He started snapping the streets around him in 2016, and favours photographs of unnoticed people. His work emphasises the details and expressions of pedestrians and his focus is now on social documentaries – telling stories with each photo. He enjoys catching unique moments of people’s behaviour and finding different compositions and otherwise unseen angles for each photo.

Billy Ha reveals his favourite photo spots in Hong Kong
Head to downtown New York

Check out a side of New York that most people don’t see with Crissibeth Cooper’s street photography.

© Crissibeth Cooper. All images captured by professional photographer Crissibeth Cooper. All images are taken with Xperia. 

Photo of Crissibeth Cooper
Meet Crissibeth Cooper – New York photographer

Born and raised in New York, Crissibeth Cooper focuses on capturing precisely-composed images often leveraging symmetry and the golden ratio. Common themes in her work include leading lines, reflections, architecture, vanishing points, and urbanscapes. She has been exhibited on the Highline and Sony Square in NYC, and her creative photography can be found on Getty Images. She is a founding member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective.  

Hear Crissibeth's approach to capturing NYC
Get a taste of Paris

Get a feeling for Parisian life with the latest shots from Laurent Derossi’s home city.

© Laurent Derossi. All images captured by professional photographer Laurent Derossi. All images are taken with Xperia. 

Laurent Derossi in front of the Eiffel Tower
Meet Laurent Derossi – Parisian photographer

Laurent Derossi (@Parisexplorer), is a Parisian photographer from Metz who specialises in Urban and Travel Photography. Curious by nature and an adventurer at heart, Laurent explores the streets of Paris, looking for unique perspectives. Laurent shares his pictures on his website and on his social networks where he is followed by tens of thousands of people.

Hear Laurent Derossi talk about photographing Paris
Start a Swedish adventure

Take a trip through the beautiful mountains, lakes and landscapes of Sweden in winter with Tobias Hägg.

© Tobias Hägg. All images captured by professional photographer Tobias Hägg. All images are taken with Xperia. 

Full length photo of Tobias Hägg
Meet Tobias Hägg – Swedish photographer

Tobias Hägg (Airpixels on social media) is a photographer and videographer based in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Passionate about exploring landscape, adventures and the great outdoors, Tobias travels to the farthest expanses of earth capturing unique moments from unique perspectives through photography and film. He has been named as 1 of 14 photographers in Masters of Drone Photography and he also judges Cewephotoworld, one of the biggest photography competitions in the world.

Hear Tobias Hägg explain his philosophy on photography 
Discover Tiffany Nguyen’s top tips #TravelByXperia
Tiffany Nguyen standing on a road
Meet Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany is an adventure travel photographer from Southern California, with an enviably diverse portfolio. She was one of the first members of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and is inspired by her travels. Her work is fueled by discovering new places and immersing herself in unfamiliar cultures.

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