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How to care for the wireless headphones (WF-**, WI-** Series)

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    If the earbuds are not well-maintained and foreign substances (such as dust or earwax) build up, the volume may seem lower than usual or not come out at all, they may not charge properly, or the water resistant or dust proofing performance may be affected. We recommend caring the headphones regularly to prevent these issues.

    How to care your headphones

    1. Remove the earbuds

      While holding down the unit, twist and pull to remove the earbuds.
      NOTE: Do not pinch the end of the earbud when removing it.

    2. Care your headphones

      NOTE for WF-SP900: For how to care your headphones after using them in sports such as swimming in a poor or ocean, refer to the Help Guide.
      • Clean the earbuds
        If the earbuds become dirty, gently wash them by hand using a neutral detergent. After cleaning, thoroughly wipe off any moisture.
      • Clean the dirt outside of the headphones
        When the outside of the headphones is dirty, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. If it is extremely dirty, wipe them with a cloth that has been wrung tightly, dampened with a dilute solution of neutral detergent.
        NOTE: Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol, as they may damage the surface.
      • Clean the sound output holes
        With a cloth dampened with water and wrung tightly, clean the mesh of the earbuds (the parts where sound comes out) to remove dirt, earwax, or anything that may accumulated, being careful not to accidentally push dirt or debris into the earbuds.
        NOTE: If the sound output holes are covered with mesh, do not rub the mesh too hard. Otherwise, the mesh may peel off or get torn.
      • Drain the sound outlet holes (for water resistant or dust proofing models only)
        If water remains in the sound output holes, the sound may become muffled or completely inaudible. If this is the case, remove the earbuds, position the sound output holes facing downward, and shake several times to get the water out.
      • Drain the microphone holes (for water resistant or dust proofing models of Truly Wireless headphones only)
        Turn the microphone hole downward and gently tap it about 5 times towards a dry cloth. Make sure that any water drops are not left in the microphone hole, or it may cause corrosion.
      • Clean the charging port or USB port cover

        If perspiration, water, or moisture is left on the charging port (around the USB port cover for In-Ear headphones), wipe it off immediately and let it dry at room temperature. Otherwise, the charging function may be affected or not be possible at all.

        Example of the Truly Wireless headphones

        Example of the In-Ear headphones

    3. Attach the earbuds

      Firmly reattach the earbuds completely, making sure the earbuds are not loose or skewed. Once the earbuds are attached, check to see if the headphones work properly.

    Tips to keep the headphones in good condition

    For Truly Wireless headphones

    • After cleaning the headphones, be sure to set the headphones in the charging case, and close the lid.
    • Be aware that even if your headphones are water resistant or dust proof, the charging case is not. Make sure the headphones are completely dry before putting them in the charging case.
    • If you start charging with water or moisture left on the headphones, that water or moisture enters inside the charging case, which can cause a short circuit of the internal components, or corrosion of the headphones and/or charging case.
    • Do not leave the headphones in a cold environment, as any water or moisture left on the headphones may freeze. To prevent malfunction, make sure to wipe off any water or moisture after use.

    For In-Ear headphones

    • Make sure the USB Type-C port cover (or the Micro-USB port cover) is closed securely when using the headphones.

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    • Do not leave the headphones in a cold environment, as any water or moisture left on the headphones may freeze. To prevent malfunction, make sure to wipe off any water or moisture after use.