Article ID : 00150409 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

Sound skips when I am listening to music via headphones compatible with LDAC.

    Sound may skip when your smartphone or Wi-Fi device is performing communication around the unit since LDAC transfers a lot of information. If you use the unit in such an environment, change the Playback quality settings of the device that is connected to the unit, such as a smartphone or Walkman, from Prioritize Sound Quality to Prioritize Connection.

    How to change the playback quality settings. (Walkman "NW-A20" is used as an example)

    1. From the Home menu, select Settings
    2. Select Bluetooth Settings
    3. Select Select at Wireless Playback Quality
    4. As the following items will appear, select Prioritize Connection or something similar that can prevent sound skipping.
      LDAC (Prioritize Sound Quality) / LDAC(Standard) / LDAC (Prioritize Connection) / aptX / SBC (Prioritize Sound Quality) / SBC (Prioritize Connection)