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Does the CHARGE indicator light up when the speaker is charging?


    • If you feel the battery life is shorter than the times listed in the manual or on the specification webpages: When you use the speaker at a loud volume (or a maximum volume), battery consumption may increase and the battery life becomes shorter than the times listed on manual or specification webpages. Lower the volume of the speaker and check to see if the battery lasts longer.
    • You can check how the CHARGE indicator shows the speaker status in the Information for CHARGE/BLUETOOTH indicators on the Wireless Speakers (SRS-XB*) article.

    Check if the CHARGE indicator lights up when the speaker is charging.
    Notes: The location of the CHARGE indicator varies depending on the product. Please see the instruction manual included for details.

    Example for SRS-XB22:
    Image indicating SRS-XB22 CHARGE indicator

    Example for SRS-XB12:
    Image indicating SRS-XB12 CHARGE indicator

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