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The Xperia Touch suddenly stops projecting an image, what can I do?

    If you experience that your Xperia™ Touch suddenly stops projecting an image or video, it may be because the laser diode in the device has gotten too hot. As a protective measure, Xperia Touch is designed to stop emitting light when it reaches a certain temperature. Audio will continue to function as normal. 

    Try these methods one after the other. Verify whether the problem was solved after each method, before trying the next one.
    • Check if the cooling fan is working. Get close to the Xperia Touch and listen for the sound generated by the fan. If the fan isn’t working, contact your retailer or a Sony Mobile repair partner. Note! Before handing the device over for service, back up all your data to avoid possible data loss. Data on the device may get deleted when examined. Don't forget to bring proper documentation, for example, proof of purchase and warranty card. The documentation required may vary depending on market, country or region.
    • Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush tip to clean the cover from the outside. Overheating may be a result of accumulation of dust and other particles in the mesh outer cover of Xperia Touch. When this happens, the flow of air is impeded, and the device cannot cool off as intended.