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If the Xperia's Fingerprint function does not work properly.

    Information/ Solution

    • Perform the following operations and see if the problem is resolved.

    • Update your device’s software, and then re-register your fingerprint.  


    • Restart your device. 
    • Force your device to restart.  
    • Fingerprint authentication works based on fingerprint feature-point information. Therefore, fingerprint authentication may not be possible when the fingerprint does not have sufficient feature points.  

    • Authentication performance (authenticating a fingerprint when the fingerprint sensor is touched correctly) depends on the condition of the fingerprint. If your fingerprint is in any of the following conditions, registration and recognition of the fingerprint may be impossible due to deteriorated authentication performance. To improve the performance, try wiping or washing your hands clean, authenticating with a different finger, etc. 

      • Wrinkled or wet after taking a bath, etc.  
      • Covered with a large amount of sweat or grease such as hand cream  
      • Dirty with mud or oil  
      • Rough or injured (cut, inflamed, etc.)  
      • Extremely dry  
      • Changed in pattern due to weight loss or gain  
      • Abraded and faded  
      • Extremely different at the time of registration and authentication  
    • Notes on use of the fingerprint sensor 

      • Do not hit the fingerprint sensor or apply strong impacts to it. Also, do not scratch the surface or poke it with a sharp object. Doing so may cause a malfunction or damage.  
      • Do not attach stickers to the fingerprint sensor or daub it with ink, etc.  
      • If the fingerprint sensor gets dirty, fingerprint registration and recognition may become impossible due to deteriorated authentication performance. Occasionally clean the surface of the fingerprint sensor with a soft, dry cloth. (Please do not wipe with anything containing water, alcohol, disinfectant, etc.)