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What is lens fungus and how I can prevent damage to my camera lens?

    What is lens fungus and steps to check.

    Lens fungus is a combination of dust and moisture that finds its way into the interior elements of a camera lens. Dust by itself does not typically cause a problem, but if that dust contains fungus spores and is combined with moisture, fungus can grow. It is more common with lenses that are used in very humid, tropical areas. It can look like small web-like spots or patches inside the lens.

    If left untreated, lens fungus can permanently decrease the performance of the lens and cause your images to look fuzzy or hazy.

    Follow the steps below to check for lens fungus:

    1. Remove the lens from the camera.
    2. Make sure the front and rear lens caps are removed.
    3. Make sure you have plenty of light nearby.
    4. Look through both ends of the lens to see if you can spot any fungus growth.

    If you suspect lens fungus, the lens should be evaluated by a professional lens technician to determine if it can be cleaned. Go to Product Repair.

    Note: Lens fungus is not a condition covered under warranty.

    How to prevent growth of fungus in a camera lens?

    There is no guarantee that lenses will be free from fungus growth. The below steps may, reduce the chances of occurrence and monitoring the moisture and temperature status is still a must to always ensure an appropriately dry environment.

    • Keep your lenses in a cool, dry place.
    • Store your lenses in a see-through dry or humidity control cabinet with silica gel packets if you are not going to use them for a long time.
    • Since fungus thrives in dark, moist areas, storing the lenses in this manner will help prevent fungus growth.
    • The silica gel packets absorb moisture while the see-through container allows light inside that can kill fungus.
      Note: Some types of silica Gel changes colour when absorbed with moisture, and may not be good enough unless it is replaced or dried to regain its moisture absorbing capability.
    • Check the silica gel packets periodically and refer to our Alpha Camera and lens maintenance tips for more tips on how to maintain your camera and lens.