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Notice to Customers using Walkman “NWZ-S736F/S738F/S739F” and VAIO “VGN-TT15/TT16/TT17” models - Updated on 1st Nov 2011


    Update on 1st November 2011: Please note that this free exchange service will end on 31st January 2012.

    9th April 2009

    Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

    Sony has recently discovered that the cord of the supplied headphones for Walkman “NWZ-S736F/S738F/S739F” and VAIO “VGN-TT15/TT16/TT17” may harden or break, depending on the usage.

    For customers with headphones supplied with the above mentioned Walkman and VAIO models, which are displaying the above symptom, please contact Sony Care.  Sony will exchange the headphones free of charge.

    [Applicable Models]

    • Walkman - NWZ-S736F/-S738F/-S739F
    • VAIO -   VGN-TT15TN/-TT15SN/-TT15GN/-TT16TN/-TT16LN/-TT16MN/-TT16SN/-TT16GN/-TT17GN

    [How to Confirm the Model Number]

    For Walkman NWZ-S736F/-S738F/-S739F:

    Please check the model number indicated on the rear side of the unit.

    For VAIO VGN-TT15TN/-TT15SN/-TT15GN/-TT16TN/-TT16LN/-TT16MN/-TT16SN/-TT16GN/-TT17G:

    Please check the model number indicated on the bottom right hand corner of the LCD screen.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Your understanding and cooperation would be much appreciated.