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How to install the supplied softwares using VAIO Recovery Utilities?

    Installing the supplied softwares using VAIO Recovery Utilities.

    Please refer to the steps below to install the supplied softwares using VAIO Recovery Utilities:

    - Be sure to log in as the Administrator or as a user with Administrative rights when performing a software installation.
    - Third party software (for example: Norton Anti-Virus, InterVideo WinDVD) cannot be located inside the Application folder or using VAIO Recovery Utilities mentioned below. To install the third party software, please recover the whole Operating system to the factory's shipped state.
    (Please backup the important data to external storage media before performing a recovery.)

    1. Upon logging into Windows, click Start -> All Programs -> VAIO Recovery Utility

    2. The VAIO Recovery Utility dialog box appears. Click OK.

    3. Click Yes.

    4. Select an application and proceed with the reinstallation.

    5. Proceed as per instructions on the screen.

    Note: When VAIO Recovery Utility is used, it will uninstall the program before proceeding to reinstall it.