• Operating System

        Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate (English Version) with Traditional Chinese Language Pack

      • Processor Technology

        Intel® Centrino® Duo Processor Technology

      • Chipset

        Mobile Intel® PM965 Express Chipset

      • Processor System Bus


      • Processor Name

        Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T7700(2.40 GHz)*1*2

      • Cache Memory


      • Memory Bus


      • SO-DIMM Slots

        2 SO-DIMM slots (The pre-installed memory module uses two)

      • Pre-installed/Max

        2GB DDR2 SDRAM*3/(upgreadable up tp 4GB*4)

      • Hard Disk Drive

        500GB*5 (250GB x 2, Serial ATA, 5400rpm, RAID support*6)

      • Maximum Reading Speed

        BD-ROM: 2x/ BD-R: 2x (SL), 1.6x (DL) / BD-RE: 2x (SL), 1.6x (DL) / DVD+R: 8x (SL), 6x (DL) / DVD-R: 8x (SL), 6x (DL)/ DVD-RW: 6x/DVD+RW: 6x/ DVD-ROM: 8x/ DVD-RAM: 5x/ CD-ROM: 24x/CD-R: 24x/CD-RW: 24x

      • Maximum Writing Speed

        BD-R: 2x(SL), 1x (DL) / BD-RE: 2x(SL), 1x (DL) / DVD+R: 8x (SL), 2.4x (DL) / DVD-R: 8x (SL), 2x (DL)/ DVD+RW: 4x/DVD-RW: 4x/ DVD-RAM: 5x/ CD-R: 8x/CD-RW: 8x

      • Drive

        Blu-ray Disc™ Drive*7

      • Total Available Graphics Memory (Max)


      • Graphics Accelerator

        NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT notebook graphics processing unit (GPU)

      • Type

        17.0" (WUXGA: 1920 x 1200) TFT Colour display (Clear Bright High Colour LCD )

      • Tuner

        Digital (DVB-T)/Analogue Hybrid Tuner x 1*9

      • i.LINK(IEEE 1394)

        4pin (S400) x 1

      • Display Output Connector

        Analogue RGB, mini D-sub 15pin x 1

      • SD Memory Card Slot

        SD Memory Card*12 (SDHC compatible, MMC compatible)

      • Microphone

        stereo mini jack x 1

      • S Video In/Out Connector

        Input x 1, Output x 1*10

      • Others

        VHF/UHF Connector, Optical Out Connector, Infrared Receiver

      • DC IN

        x 1

      • USB

        High Speed USB 2.0 x 3

      • Network (RJ-45)Connector

        10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T x 1

      • AV In/Out Connector

        Input x 1

      • Compatible Memory Cards

        Memory Stick (Standard/Duo Size compatible, MagicGate compatible, Memory Stick PRO compatible, High-speed data transfer compatible), SD Memory Card (SDHC compatible), Multi Media Card

      • Modem

        V.92 and V.90 Compliant x 1

      • Memory Stick Slot

        Memory Stick (Standard/Duo Size compatible, MagicGate compatible, Memory Stick PRO compatible, High-speed data transfer compatible)*11

      • PC Card Slot

        ExpressCard™/54 x1, Type I/II x 1

      • HDMI Connector

        Output x 1

      • Headphone

        stereo mini jack x 1

      • Network Connection

        Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

      • Wireless LAN Type

        Integrated Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g*13

      • Bluetooth

        Bluetooth standard Ver. 2.0+EDR

      • Wireless LAN Frequency

        5 GHz (802.11a), 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g)

      • Wireless LAN Data Rate

        Maximum data rate: 11 Mbps (802.11b), 54 Mbps (802.11a/g) *14

      • Front Side Camera

        Effective Pixels: 1280x1024

      • Microphone

        Built-in monaural microphone

      • Speaker

        Built-in stereo speakers

      • Sound Chip

        DSD compatible high quality sound chip: "Sound Reality"(Intel® High Definition Audio compatible), 3D audio (Direct Sound 3D support)

      • Keyboard

        Approx. 19 mm key pitch / 2.5 mm keystroke, 86 keys

      • Touchpad

        Intelligent Touchpad

      • Optional Long Battery

        VGP-BPL9 Lithum-ion battery: up to 2 hours of use*15

      • Bundled Battery

        VGP-BPS9A/B Lithum-ion battery: up to 1.5 hours of use*15

      • Dimensions (WxHxD)

        416 × 33.5-41.5 × 299.5 mm

      • Weight

        3.9 kg (including the supplied battery)

      • Support

        VAIO Recovery Center 1.1, VAIO Update 3.0, VAIO Data Restore Tool 1.0

      • Word Processor / Spreadsheet

        60-Days Trial Version of Microsoft® Office Professional 2007*17

      • Home Network

        VAIO Media 6.1

      • Tool

        Roxio Easy Media Creator 9.0, Adobe® Reader® 8.1, Norton Internet Security™ 2007*18

      • Music

        VAIO MusicBox 1.0, SonicStage Mastering Studio 2.4, SonicStage Mastering Studio Audio Filter 2.3, DSD Direct Player 1.0

      • Video Edit/Playback

        VAIO Movie Story 1.0, VAIO Content Importer/Exporter 1.2, Adobe® Premiere® Elements 3.0(Installer), VAIO Edit Components 6.3(Installer), WinDVD BD for VAIO 8.0

      • Utilities

        VAIO Control Center 2.1, VAIO Camera Capture Utility 2.5, VAIO Launcher 1.0, ArcSoft Magic-i™ Visual Effects 1.0(Installer)

      • DVD Creation

        Click to DVD BD 3.0*16

      • AV Entertainment

        Windows® Media Center, Image Converter 3

      • Still Image/Photo

        Windows® Photo Gallery , Picasa™, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 5.0(Installer)

      • AC Adaptor

        AC Adaptor(VGP-AC19V16)*19

      • Others

        Remote Commander (RM-MCE20E), 2 AA Batteries

      • Battery

        Lithium-ion battery(VGP-BPS9A/B)*20

      • Period

        One year*21

  • Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.  

    *1 CPU speed will be reduced under certain operating conditions.
    *2 Intel® Virtualization Technology is not supported on VAIO.
    *3 Since memory modules of the same capacity are installed to both of the two memory module slots, computer runs in dual channel mode and provides better performance.
    *4 Sony does not guarantee compatibility with memories of other brands.
    *5 GB means one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity. Accessible capacity may vary. A portion of hard disk space is reserved as a recovery partition.
    *6 Set to RAID 0 (Striping) at initial shipment settings.  It will be displayed as 500GB x 1 on the Windows operating system.
    *7 This product does not support BD‑RE 1.0 discs and Blu‑ray cartridge discs.
    *8 Total Available Graphics Memory refers to the new Windows Vista® classification of graphics memory, which is the total of Dedicated Video Memory, System Video Memory and Shared System Memory.
    *9 There may be some cases in which the programs cannot be seen depending on the Cable TV Service.
    Please contact each Cable TV Service for further information.
    *10 Does not support playback copyright protected contents recorded on Blu‑ray disc.
    *11 Compatibility confirmed with Sony branded “Memory Stick” media only.
    *12 The copyright protection of the SD memory card is not supported.
    *13 The maximum communication distance can vary depending on the obstacles or the distance between the communication devices, the radio waves, the operating system or the software being used.
    *14 The communication speed varies depending on the distance between communication devices, existence of obstacles between such devices, the device configuration, the radio conditions, and the software in use. In addition, communication may be cut off depending on the radio conditions.
    *15 Estimated battery life (under JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method (ver.1.0).)
    Actual battery life may vary with different operating conditions and settings. For further details, please visit vaio‑online.sony.com
    *16 When a BDMV format disc is to be created, a hard disk margin of two times the capacity of the material other than the actual space necessary for itself, plus approximately 1GB is required.
    *17 This software is intended for evaluation purposes only. It must be activated before actual use, and the activation procedures will be detailed during initial launch.
     Activation requires Internet access, which enables certain functions included. This software has an expiration date of 60 days from date of first use, at which time the software will operate under reduced‑functionality mode, limiting options and operations. 
    *18 Free use of 90 days. Further update will be charged.
    *19 AC adapter should be connected while the CPU is having a heavy workload, such as Blu‑ray disc playback, or playback may not be displayed properly because of the power saving feature.
    *20 This product may only function with a genuine Sony battery designed for this model.
    *21 Warranty conditions may vary by region.

    <<Imporatnt notice when playing back Blu‑ray discs>>
    [Supporting Disc]
    ‑Supports writing data to BD‑R 1.1 discs (single‑layer discs  with the capacity of 25 GB, dual‑layer discs with the capacity  of 50 GB) and BD‑RE 2.1 discs
    (single‑layer discs with the  capacity of 25 GB, dual‑layer discs with the capacity of 50 GB).  The Blue‑ray drive on your computer does 
    not support BD‑RE  1.0 discs and Blu‑ray cartridge discs.
    [Blu‑ray Disc Playback]
    ‑ As with other optical media devices, circumstances may limit compatibility or prevent Blu‑ray disc playback.VAIO computers may not support movie playback on packaged media recorded in AVC or VC1 formats at high bit rates.
    ‑ Requires compatible high‑definition display for high definition playback.  Playback of AACS protected media may require an HDCP compliant output and HDCP compliant display.
    ‑ You may need to connect to the Internet when playing copyright protected Blu‑ray discs
    ‑ Region settings are required for Movies and BD‑ROM contents. If the region setting and the region of the disc do not match, playback is not possible

    The trademarks, including but not limited to "SONY", "VAIO", "Memory Stick" and "SonicStage" are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation and/or its subsidiaries.
    Adobe, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader and Adobe Premiere are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
    Intel, the Intel logo, Centrino and the Centrino logo, Intel Core and Core Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries
    Windows, Windows Vista, the Windows logo and Microsoft are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
    All other product and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
    Whilst information given is true at time of printing, small production changes in the course of our company's policy of improvement through research and design might not
    necessarily be included in the specifications. E&OE. Actual models may differ slightly in appearance to illustrations provided.