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What is the People app and how do I set it up in Windows 8?

What is the People apps and how do I set it up in Windows 8?

    The People app is a preinstalled app by Microsoft for Windows 8. This application allows the user to connect multiple Social Media elements into one application and to easily view all statuses without having to log on to each Social Media website.

    1. Launch Charms by placing the cursor on the top right or bottom right hand corner
      Note: The shortcut to launch Charms is <windows> key + C.
    2. Select Search.
    3. Select People.
    4. Input your Microsoft Account information and select Sign in. Select Sign up for a Microsoft account if you do not have a Microsoft Account.
    5. User can sign into multiple Social Media applications such as:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Outlook
      • LinkedIn
      • Gmail
      • Hotmail
    6. In this example we choose Gmail account. Input your Google Account information and select Connect.
    7. The Google Account is now signed in. To add additional accounts Launch Charms.
    8. Select Settings.
    9. Select Add an account.
    10. Select the desired account. In this example we choose Facebook.
    11. Select Connect.
    12. Input your Facebook user name and password then select Log In.
    13. Select Allow.
    14. Select Done. 
    15. The Facebook account is now logged into the People application.