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Recorded Sound Issue for High Definition "Handycam" Camcorder HDR-UX1/UX1E and HDR-SR1/SR1E – Availability of Firmware Update and Data Restoration Program - Updated on 13th October 2014

    Please note that this download service of firmware update and Audio Correction Tool ended on September 30, 2014.


    Thank you for your support of Sony products.

    On 16 November 2006, we issued a notice informing customers that Sony’s High Definition Camcorder models HDR-UX1/UX1E and HDR-SR1/SR1E may exhibit the following symptom :

    When replaying footage recorded with the camcorder in high definition mode, the stereophonic or surround sound effect may not be reproduced accurately.

    This symptom is caused by a problem with the firmware of the unit and the sound is not processed properly when it is recorded.  As the recorded sound data itself is not missing, this symptom can be corrected with a firmware update for the camcorders.

    The firmware update and data restoration program is now available for customers who wish to resolve this symptom themselves.Please click on the links below corresponding to your product.


    Firmware Update for HDR-UX1/1E

    Firmware Update for HDR-SR1/1E

    Data Restoration for HDR-UX1/1E and HDR-SR1/1E

    Before performing the firmware update and data restoration, please determine if your product is affected using the previous announcement.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Recovery of the recorded data
    Before Sony recovers customers’ recorded data, please take note of the following :

    • Sony will view part of the content for recovery and confirm whether to proceed with the data recovery.
    • Sony may refuse the recovery of the contents due to copyright protection etc.
    • Sony is not liable for any recorded data that is missing or damaged during the recovery process.

    It is recommended that customers perform a back-up before the data recovery process.